Giá Sách Gỗ Treo Tường Nên Dùng Kiểu Dáng Nào?

It is undeniable that a suitable and unique bookshelf will create a unique impression for your home.

But not all bookshelves will fit the space there. You need to choose the right kind of bookshelf how to harmonize with the house.

Wall-mounted wooden bookshelves are considered the most popular type, many people choose to use today

Sample GHS – 235 wall-mounted bookshelf

1. Types of wooden wall shelves.

Wall shelves – Samples of wood shelves wall mounted a certain distance from the ground, usually in locations with empty walls, fixed on the wall or designed in music. Solution to save space for housing.

U-shaped wall bookshelf GHS – 298

Wall shelves are made from many different types of wood. It is very diverse in design and size. From there, you can choose the most appropriate type of shelf. Fully meet your needs of use.

K Stand wall of compact shape code L GHS – 297

With – Wooden wall shelves are manufactured from. Natural wood or MDF surface treated wood is durable. Samples of wooden shelves have high aesthetic value, easy to combine with many widgets and interior styles. Bring a sense of closeness to the space. The price of wood shelves is affordable, depending on the type and material of natural wood or industry.

Sample GHS – 297 wall-mounted bookshelf

2. Where to buy wooden wall shelves.

Samples of wall-mounted bookshelves at are designed with multiple floors to help you have more space to store more. In addition, the products at also order close to the size suitable for your house. with a variety of colors because you’re the one who came up with the idea.

GHS – 2165 modern wall-mounted bookshelf
K Stand hanging of the GHS – 2165
GHS – 235 modern wall bookshelf
GHS – 2189 wall-mounted bookshelf

The wall-mounted bookshelf model is simple but offers a neat way to organize your books scientifically.

See more samples of wall-mounted bookshelves at:

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